The Development of National LCA Database Roadmaps project ran from October 2018 until August 2019 as a part of the Resource Efficiency through Application of Life cycle thinking (REAL) project. The REAL initiative was implemented between 2016-2019 by UN Environment and the Life Cycle Initiative with financial support from the European Commission.

With emphasis on inclusiveness, accessibility and interoperability, the project resulted in roadmaps for the development of national LCA databases in Brazil, Ecuador, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Uganda. Acting as a steppingstone, the regionalized LCA data generated for Brazil, India and South Africa within the SRI-LCI component offers a unique opportunity towards developing or advancing (in the case of Brazil) national LCA database initiatives in the respective countries.

Besides providing a data basis, the roadmap processes at the core of the Database Roadmaps project profited greatly from the capacity built, awareness raised, and networks established through the SRI-LCI activities. At the same time, the present project served as a natural extension of the momentum built up during SRI-LCI for advancing and mainstreaming life cycle thinking in these regions. The project was led and coordinated by the ecoinvent Association as part of its mission to promote the use and best practice of LCI worldwide.

The reports and other information material that resulted from the project are now published on the Technical Helpdesk for LCA Databases. More information on the project can be found via the website of the Life Cycle Initiative.