Authors Yaw Amoyaw-Osei – Green Advocacy Ghana; Obed Opoku Agyekum – Green Advocacy Ghana; John A. Pwamang – Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana; Esther Mueller – Empa, Switzerland; Raphael Fasko – Empa, Switzerland; Mathias Schluep – Empa, Switzerland
Year Published 2011
Abstract The Ghana e-Waste Country Assessment was developed in the framework of the project entitled “Building local capacity to address the flow of e-wastes and electrical and electronic products destined for reuse in se-lected African countries and augment the sustainable management of resources through the recovery of ma-terials in e-wastes”.

The Ghana e-Waste Country Assessment, comprising Component 1 and 2 of the Secretariat of the Basel Convention e-Waste Africa Project, was undertaken in the Accra – Tema area of Ghana between November 2009 and January 2011. The study subjects included; importers and distributers, assemblers, consumers, col-lectors, repairers, dismantlers, and recyclers of EEE and the disposal mechanisms available at present. All EEE of the four categories ‘large household appliances’, ‘small household appliances’, information and com-munication technologies’ and ‘consumer electronics’ were included in the study. The findings were then ex-trapolated to become representative of Ghana as a whole. Sources of data included surveys, CEPS, UN Comtrade, and Statistical Service etc.

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