The SRI Roundtable conducts pilot testing

After the finalisation of Version 1.0 of the Guidance Principles, a pilot testing is conducted in order to evaluate the feasibility of its implementation by users and economic operators as well as to promote its uptake. The pilot testing is a reality check with the aim to analyse:

  • If the framework based on 5 key Principles and 17 Objectives covers the most relevant issues and provides useful guidance to address them;
  • If the steps and time frame are comprehensive and appropriate for an effective and efficient implementation by the concerned economic operators;
  • If the supporting mechanisms are doable for concerned parties;
  • If the traceability scheme proposed to demonstrate that recovered metals comply with the Guidance Principles can be successfully implemented; and
  • Possible bottlenecks in the informal sector and barriers.

The pilot testing is a step prior to the actual implementation of the Guidance Principles in real cases.

Time period: March – October 2017

Test countries: In value chains of SRI participating countries (Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, India, Peru and/or South Africa)