SRI creates regional Life Cycle Inventories

The creation of reliable, consistent and transparent regionalised LCIs represents a core purpose of the Sustainable Recycling Industries project. The ecoinvent Centre, as the leading global supplier of transparent LCI data, is in charge of developing the basis for national LCI data in South America (Brazil), Northern and Southern Africa (Egypt and South Africa), and Southern Asia (India).

The LCI component of the SRI project provides a basis for informed decision-making on the sustainability of products and developments in other components of SRI project. The main goal is to establish regional Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) for the use in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, environmental product declarations, carbon foot-printing and similar assessment tools. The collected and processed data will represent resource consumption and environmental emissions of technologies used in the focus countries and will be reviewed according to international quality standards (ISO).

The LCI project is constructed on three pillars:

  1. setting up regional LCI networks,
  2. developing local LCI/LCA expertise, and
  3. building background LCI data.