Authors Sandra Méndez-Fajardo, Heinz Böni, Carlos Hernández, Mathias Schluep, Sonia Valdivia
Year 2017
Abstract This guide presents a methodology that facilitates the design of sustainable WEEE management policies in developing countries. A systems approach entails a profound understanding of the situation to be improved, and this understanding, in turn, requires the collaboration of all relevant actors. Thus, the methodology proposed herein includes participatory tools that encourage these actors to design the problem, identifying not only the associated causes and effects but also investigating which structural reasons underlie these causes and effects. The different methods and design recommendations discussed in this guide are based on the methodological support provided during the design of national policy for WEEE management in Colombia as well as the design team’s wealth of experiences.
Download English version: Mendez_2017_Guide-WEEE-Policy_EN
Spanish version: Mendez2017_Guia-RAEE-Politica_ES