A new report on Standard Operating Procedures for Environmentally Sound Management of Used Lead-acid Batteries was developed by the SRI Ghana team in collaboration with various partners.

The report entails Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for environmentally sound management of used lead-acid batteries (ULABs). The SOPs consist of 37 sheets, each covering one topic relevant for safe and environmentally sound ULAB management, from collection to recycling. The SOPs sheets use a common format and are supported with pictures and diagrams illustrating good practices, contrasted by pictures of unacceptable practices. The sheets are aimed for:

  • Operators of collection points, bulk transporters, and ULAB recyclers
  • Regulators responsible for defining minimum requirements for environmentally sound ULAB management
  • Inspectors responsible for assessing the environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance of operators in ULAB management

A full and permanent implementation of all SOPs significantly increases the probability that ULABs are managed according to high EHS standards minimising the risk for environmental pollution and the development of workplace ill-health. The SOPs were developed for use in Ghana, but also with a view for a wider use and uptake.

The full report can be downloaded here.