Public Review of the draft “National Norms and Standards for the Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)” for South Africa


Version: Draft 5

Open: 08 March – 15 April 2024


These Norms and Standards (N&S) describe the future minimum technical and operational requirements for the legally compliant management of WEEE in South Africa. They are based on all activities that are conducted by the relevant WEEE management operators that form part of the South African WEEE management chain. The WEEE management activities covered in these N&S include collection, storage, classification, sorting, transportation, preparation for reuse and recycling, dismantling, depollution, processing, and preparation for final treatment.

Each N&S is measured and reasoned to address the risk of the associated activity. Therefore, where WEEE recycling activities become more complex and require increasingly specialised operational skills and treatment technologies, more sophisticated and detailed requirements will be required to qualify an operator to conduct such activities legally.

Additionally, special consideration is given to formulating minimum requirements for separation outside source and other small-scale collection and dismantling activities. The Waste Picker Integration Guideline for South Africa of 2020 provided the rational for the requirements formulated. The objective of the N&S is to align with and further the purpose of the National Environmental Management Act of 1998, as well as the specific environmental management act related to waste, the National Environmental Management Waste Act of 2008. Further alignments were made with the Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations of 2020. As a result, through the N&S, these type of WEEE management operators can be integrated into the formal WEEE management system while activity restrictions deemed necessary from an environmental, health and safety perspective are consequently applied as well.

Instructions: To comment on the Draft 5 of the WEEE Norms and Standards please proceed as follows:

  • Download the Draft 5 Version of the Norms and Standards here.
  • Consult the N&S Focus Area Document which summarises the key discussion points for each chapter in the document that are still open and require relevant expert input regarding practicality and feasibility e.g. from recyclers regarding proposed technical depollution specifications etc. Provide any answers you can contribute directly into the relevant column (“Your answer”) in this document.
  • Please provide any detailed commenting related to any technical or (major) editorial changes you request to the Draft 5 Norms and Standards in the Commenting Sheet.

Please email the filled in N&S Focus Area Document and the Commenting Sheet to:

Thank you very much for your kind assistance and willingness to provide your valued expert input to the Norms and Standards finalisation process.