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The country project in South Africa aims at clarifying the feasibility and the organisational setup for a possible implementation of a recycling plant of CFC-containing cooling appliances – in synergy with other e-waste streams – in view of supporting energy-efficiency, climate protection and job creation efforts in South Africa. Activities for this project will start in 2016.

The development of a business plan will include the assessment of the legal framework conditions and market conditions. Furthermore a scenario analysis will be conducted, which will include a comprehensive analysis of possible e-waste management operations (business models), the selection of the best 1-3 scenarios and the preparation of an appropriate business plan.

Based on this business plan the project will develop the methodology and the project design document (PDD) for a possible carbon credit project. The validation of the methodology and the project most probably will not start before 2015. Still the project will set a f-cus on an appropriate relationship management of key stakeholders from the beginning, with the ultimate aim to identify potential investors and a future implementation partner for a recycling plant of CFC-containing cooling appliances.

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