Addressing informality in the WEEE value chain in Peru

Addressing informality in the WEEE value chain in Peru

In the Global South, the greatest share of E-waste recycling is carried out by workers from the informal sector. Understanding, including and partnering with it is a key factor of success for any initiative aimed at scaling up the recycling sector in the region.

This report offers first an in-depth assessment of the informal E-waste recycling sector in Peru, describing its main ways of operation, its relevance and its relation with other actors in the value chain, focusing in the area of Lima. Finally, it describes the most successful set of measures that have been implemented by the waste management authorities, together with different actors in the value chain, to either inhibit E-waste from flowing into inadequate channels that encourage informal practices, or to create partnerships with the informal sector in order to maximize the inflow of material to formal channels, in mutually beneficial arrangements.



Luis Briceño, Oswaldo Caceres






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