Scrap cable processing in Egypt – Challenges & Opportunities

Scrap cable processing in Egypt – Challenges & Opportunities

As a simple alternative to the hazardous burning of cables, various mechanical processes exist for the separation of plastic and metal parts of cables, resulting in a higher quality end product while avoiding the dangerous emissions from cable burning. The goal of this document is to summarize the most important information about scrap cable processing in Egypt, reviewing different technologies, their advantages and disadvantages and providing a short analysis of the available amount of scrap cables. The provided information should help decision makers develop viable policies and business models to tackle this specific challenge in the field of e-waste management in Egypt.

The remainder of this document is structured as follows: Section 2 contains general information about scrap cables found in e-waste, an estimation of the generated volumes and the possible processing options. Section 3 gives a detailed overview of the various mechanical processing options and specifications for the involved machines. Reflections about important issues specific to the case of Egypt are discussed in section 4, section 5 contains some recommendations from the authors while the conclusions are presented in section 6.



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