Conformity Assessment Schemes for WEEE recycling facilities

Conformity Assessment Schemes for WEEE recycling facilities

Standardization is a fundamental management strategy to ensure and stimulate efficiency in the WEEE treatment process.

The different standards and regulations aimed at guaranteeing the quality of products and services, as well as the group of organizations in charge of their production, publication, updating, implementation and use, make up the so-called quality infrastructure. This report presents the fundamental characteristics of this infrastructure and its particularities in the Peruvian context.

With regard to WEEE, this report proposes a conformity assessment mechanism adapted to the sector and the country’s realities. This mechanism is aimed at creating confidence within the value chain regarding the equitable adoption of these standards and compliance with regulations by all actors, especially those at the end (downstream) of the chain, namely consumers, as well as the regulatory authorities.



Dulia Aráoz García, Federico Werner






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