Entrepreneurship Support & Intervention Programme: Programme Design Document

Entrepreneurship Support & Intervention Programme: Programme Design Document

Nurturing an ecosystem of start-ups and helping the acceleration phase of SMEs and companies could be the right building blocks to unveil a dynamic and continuously growing electronic industrial recycling market in Egypt. To do so, Egypt has been selected among an array of countries to benefit from the services and activities of the SRI project. In a nutshell, the project aims to support the design of formal business model and help the transformation from an informal mode of operation to a more formal one in the E-waste market in Egypt.

Among the main components of the project in Egypt is to design and implement an entrepreneurship support program to help either incubate or accelerate new or existing start-ups and ultimately create a dynamic formal sector based on new models of business that infuse innovation, creation with existing market opportunities.

This document details the activities, structure, components and conditions of the proposed “Entrepreneurship support and intervention programme” for the E-waste Recycling Industry in Egypt.



Sina Hbous




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