Formal-informal sector interface models

Formal-informal sector interface models

This input paper describes formal-informal sector interface models, based on the examples of successful cooperation examples such as e[co]work, Coopertech and Desco electronic recyclers. The paper explains how the concept of collection centers could be operationalised in the Ghanaian context. It does so by analysing formal-informal sector interface models against the opportunities offered by the Ghanaian situation, especially related to the Ghana Hazardous and Electronic Waste Control and Management Act 2016 (ACT 917) and the Ghanaian Technical Guidelines on Environmentally Sound E-Waste Management for Collectors, Collection Centers, Transporters, Treatment Facilities and Final Disposal. Furthermore, it elaborates on the feasibility of using such interface models towards a (partial) formalisation of the informal sector. The aim of the input paper is to initiate a discussion among Ghanaian stakeholders on how to strengthen cooperation between formal recyclers and the informal sector.



Fabian Ottiger, Mathias Schluep




E-Waste, Informal-Formal interface


Recycling Initiatives