Recovering Iron from used Tyres – A Fact Sheet

Recovering Iron from used Tyres – A Fact Sheet

SRI Series on Worst Practices No.3

Each year, some 1.5 billion used car and truck tyres are discarded globally. While the general public might expect waste tyres to be treated responsibly and safely, this is not always the case. In many countries where there is no extended producer responsibility (EPR) supported waste management system (including the obligation to take back) in place or access to required technology to properly recycle used tyres available, they are disposed of, dumped in open yards, into the rivers or seas, next to the roadside, or much worse even-burned in an uncontrolled manner in the open.

Understanding, quantifying and subsequently monitoring the environmental impact regarding air, water and soil pollution and on human health, i.e. respiratory problems or cancer caused by burning tyres in an unsafe and unsound manner can help decision-makers to develop the required legal and policy frameworks that ensure safe and sound iron recovery. 







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