From 15-18 November, the SRI Ghana Team together with Heinz Böni and Andreas Bill from EMPA conducted a successful field audit training with EPA auditors from all over Ghana. The activity was part of a longer audit training process with EPA that started earlier this year with a training week provided online in July 2021. Key aims of the audit trainings are not only to prepare auditors from all over Ghana for e-waste audits, but also to support companies with regards to step-wise conformity with the Technical Guidelines for environmentally sound E-Waste Management in Ghana. The latest training started by welcoming all participants at the EPA training school Accra followed by recap sessions given by Ghana EPA and EMPA. 

During the second day, the trainer and trainees, due to the Covid-10 protocol, split into two teams of ten persons each, visiting two e-waste recycling companies in the Greater Accra region. Not only general audit training methods were trained but also environmentally critical processes were revealed and discussed with the trainees and the company managers.

Finally, the workshop training was closed by presentations of the results by the trainees followed by deep discussions among the trainers and trainees on day 3. As a result of the audit training process in 2021, EPA promptly signalled interest in further support for current and future e-waste auditors in Ghana. Therefore, SRI Ghana and EMPA are currently in close contact with other e-waste programs in Ghana to jointly work on possible ways towards continuity of the initiated learning process.