The SRI Roundtable tackles secondary resources challenges

The Roundtable on Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI Roundtable) addresses sustainability criteria in secondary resources management in developing and emerging economies. Whilst international efforts on standards and traceability mechanisms to ensure sustainable mining of raw materials exist, similar tools for secondary resources are still missing. This challenge is tackled by the SRI Roundtable.

SRI is convening an International Workshop Agreement (IWA) to consult with key and affected stakeholders the development of Guidance Principles for secondary metals. The IWA is a consensus building process under ISO, includes four working sessions, followed by public reviews, and runs until December 2016.

Guidance Principles

The Guidance Principles aim to influence the development of international, national and local policies, regulations and frameworks on secondary resources management, related corporate codes of practice, and standards and certification schemes. In particular, they shall ensure that sustainability aspects of secondary metals management (collection, recycling and disposal) are taken into account in the context of micro, small and medium enterprises and the informal sector in developing countries.

Join the process

The SRI Roundtable is a multi-stakeholder platform. Interested parties related to the topic are encouraged to join the activities.

To have a general overview of the SRI Roundtable, download the SRI Roundtable Flyer.

Members of the Roundtable gathering at IUCN headquarter for the Workshop Session #3 (8 July 2016, Gland, Switzerland)