Davos, 24 September 2015: This year the World Resources Forum is launching WRF Cinema at the WRF 2015 in Davos, where films, documentaries and short videos related to the sustainable use of natural resources will be displayed. The aim of WRF Cinema is to bring crucial topics to the table as well as to encourage people to pursue their initiatives by show casing successful examples. WRF Cinema will be open for all participants of WRF 2015, starting October 12.

One of the highlights is the documentary “The E-Waste Tragedy”. This follow-up documentary of the “The Light Bulb Conspiracy” travels around the globe to investigate in Europe, Africa, China and the US how and why a large percentage of the electronic waste produced in the industrialised countries is siphoned off from the official and professional recycling systems through fraud, corruption and negligence, with much of it ending up dumped in the Third World.

Cosima Dannoritzer, director of the film, will join us at WRF Cinema to engage spectators to actively participate by sharing and discussing their experiences, opinions and ideas. This workshop will take place on Monday 12 from 16h00 to 18h50.

You can check out the WRF Cinema program here.

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